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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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As I look ahead to Christmas I know that many of you, like me, will fight off the overwhelming sense of stress. What is so stressful about this time? It's the disorganized tangle of lights, ornaments, wrapping paper and décor as well as the overloaded lists of food preparation, appointments, invitations and shopping. If you are naturally disorganized, this scene is capable of sending you into the "post Christmas crash”. So, let me encourage you to change how you handle the hours leading up to the presents so you'll be able to handle the hours after the presents.
On Christmas Eve: Take the time to run the dishwasher even if it's not full, and then empty it; it'll make the morning much easier! Set up your cameras so you're ready for the first surprise of the morning. Clear any clutter that's been building throughout the day. Remind Santa to fill the stockings so you don't have to wake up extra early to "remind” him!
On Christmas morning: Fill the sink with hot soapy water. You'll love not having crusty dishes to deal with before making lunch or dinner. Have a large trash bag ready to throw away all the wrappings as the gifts are opened. This will help keep the trash from taking over, but it also helps keep small gifts from accidentally getting thrown out. We've all experienced the scene: a frantic member of the family, feet sticking out of the trash can, trash being tossed over their shoulder as they dig for that missing earring, check, or piece of a new toy.
After Christmas: Be prepared for un-decorating by first clearing the basic clutter and cleaning up the kitchen. By creating open spaces on the floors, tables and counters you can start to put away the décor without creating more chaos. Purge the décor you didn't use and donate it before putting away the décor you did use. Make a list of what you want to purchase for next year's décor and buy it at the after Christmas sales.

With a little planning and preparation you'll find your holiday a little less stressful and much more memorable. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

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[ posted by Dan Jones, July 27, 2012 12:13 ]

The holidays can get so cluttered if you are not organized, thanks for the tips.

Dan Jones

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